DTM doctor blade:

Name: DTM doctor blade
Brand: DTM doctor blade
Thickness of Edge : 0.10 mm.
Width of Edge : 1.3 mm.
Thickness : 0.15 mm.
Width : 40,50 mm.
Length : 100 m.

DTM doctor blade

              DTM doctor blade made of high quality steel, with a special processing equipment and advanced technology in the world finishing. All products in the factory went through a rigorous quality inspection and testingto ensure product quality stability and consistency.The product has broad applicability. Whether it is asolvent-based inks or water-based inks, it can be satisfied with the results. From the customer point of view, wecan either provide a standard width range of products, can also be customized according to requirements and provide personalized service.


Technical parameters
Chemical components
C: 0.95—1.05 %
Si: 0.2 %
Mn: 0.40 %
S: 0.05 %
P: 0.015 %

Mechanical Functions
Stretchiness: 2,000±50 N/mm
Hardness: HV 600±15

Precision Guarantee
Straightness: 0.6mm/3000mm

Surface flatness: 0.2um

Thickness: b2±0.005 mm
b1±0.01 mm
Width: according to the requirement
of the customer, a2±0.01 mm
Length: according to the requirement
of the customer, L±1.6 mm

            Installation requirements
            For gravure printing, installation squeegeecontact angle should be in the 55-65 , If the contactangle is too small, it can cause blurred or pull printingink, if the contact angle is too large, it will produce jitter or scratch version rolls. Product Specifications: Width (30,40,50,60 mm) length of 100 meters, speed: 0-150 m / min

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