The company offers production service and imposes quality control throughout compliance with international standards. Customers can be reassured of our production process and specialty in products manufacturing and packaging. In order to meet customers requirement, we classify products and services into the following groups

Specific Controlled Food

             Beverages in sealed containers and dried beverages; ginger, Drink powder grain beverage; cocoa, corn, rice bran, soy bean.

Prescribing Quality Food

          Supplementary food such as weight control products, immune system supplement products, health and beauty products, brain nutrition food, energizing food, supplementary products which help to repair and enhance body functions and other nutrition available in the form of tablets, coated tablets, hard capsule and powder.

          Powdered drinks including instant coffee and tea which can be mixed with other nutrients such as diet coffee (supplementary food), collagen coffee (supplementary food), tea mixed with Ginkgo leaf (supplementary food) and others

Product quality

                  Goat milk for animal, Fertilizer and other

          The company provides various types of packaging services such as bottle, pouch, box, bristle, tray and carton. In addition, we also offer shrink wrapping, labeling, insert, print date of manufacture/expiry and other specification according to requirements of customers. We also offer both complete packaging process and repacking or separate packing services.

  • Application for food safety license registration under customer brand for customers who use company manufacturing and packaging services.

  • Develop product formula service. The company has special R&D laboratory for product development available for customers who want to try new product formula or develop new product by themselves or joint development.

  • Provide advice and supply packages from various sources according to the customers requirements at preferred prices.

  • Design Label, Brochures and publications according to customers requirements which will be used for sales promotions or public relations


GMP 8415-741300156
HALAL กอท.ฮล. C 483/2556

          The company offers freight. By team has experience in the freight. Warranty, which can be lost, damaged during shipping. We make it easy for customers to pick up goods themselves.

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